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It’s time
to overcome emotional eating, regain your energy, and lose weight for good!

I help busy women like you to stop using food to deal with exhaustion and stress, to achieve permanent weight loss, feel energised, and enjoy family life to the full.


I will help you to make simple and effective changes, which are sustainable and work in the real world:

  • No rigid diet plans – everything is tailored to you

  • No calorie or points counting

  • No weighing/measuring your food


Hi, I’m Catie

– a doctor, health coach and, formerly overweight exhausted, mum.

Do you feel worn out and overwhelmed, and wish you could regain your spark?

Do you find yourself reaching for chocolate/crisps/wine when you’re tired or stressed?

Do you always put yourself last on your list of priorities?

It’s time for a change, and I can help…..


You’ve tried it all, and nothing has stuck….

Low carb, keto, low fat, counting calories....

Finding time for exercise or relaxation feels like an impossible task and leaves you feeling more stressed than ever.

The solution...

My Wellness for Weight Loss programme will take you from a place of stress eating, overwhelm and exhaustion, to being calm, in control, energised, and free from constant food cravings so that you can really enjoy the life you want.


Live the life you want
overcome emotional eating, regain your energy, and lose weight for good!

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