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You don't need another diet!


What if...

What if you could be at a healthy weight for the rest of your life, as well as feeling in control and full of the energy to enjoy your family life to the full?


You can, and you are in the right place!

Does it sound too good to be true?  Maybe that’s because you’re constantly juggling so many plates that you think you could never have the time to address your weight issue.  Or maybe you’re so busy trying to be all things to all people, that you wonder how you could ever find time for you.


I understand – I have been there too. 

I tried multiple diets over the years, but none ever addressed the real issues that I had, and I always gained the weight back (and more). I would use food to numb my emotions, and to try to give me the energy to get through another busy day.  I would always put my own needs last on the list.  I was exhausted, irritable, burnt out and overweight:  something had to change. 


I finally got the help I needed from a coach of my own, who helped me to turn things around.  I've lost 40lb, and have kept it off - it's not going back on this time!


Now I’m passionate about helping busy women like you who are struggling, just like I was, with weight gain, stress eating and exhaustion.


I can help you to regain your spark, stop using food to deal with fatigue and stress, and find some much-needed balance to feel in control and really enjoy your family life.

You're already amazing at looking after everyone else - now let's look after you x


Get your smile back

What's makes me different from other Health Coaches?


As well as being a health coach, a wife, and a mum, I am also a practicing doctor.  The combination of my years of medical training and experience, combined with my own personal journey towards holistic wellbeing and permanent weight loss, makes me a powerful ally for you.


I am also always working on my own wellbeing and continue to practice the techniques that I will teach you, to maintain my healthy weight.  I will therefore be walking the same path with you and will teach you the skills to allow you to support yourself once the programme ends.


If you’re looking for great accountability, from a holistic, empathic Coach who will encourage you to create the life and body you want, then you’re in the right place. 


As your Health and Wellbeing Coach, I won’t simply agree with you about how hard life is, and I won’t tell you what to do, or give medical advice.  Instead, I will support you to find solutions that work for your specific circumstances and help you to challenge the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back.


What makes me tick


  • I love being out in nature with my family, especially forests, rivers and mountains.  

  • I enjoy anything creative, and have a whole chest of drawers full of different craft materials

  • I make jewellery - silversmithing in my shed helps me relax

  • I love music, especially singing 

  • I'm at my best when I am either 1:1 or in a small group - I enjoy listening and really getting to know you

Scope of practice


I am a Health Coach and qualified with the Active Health Group. and am a FULL Member of the UK Health Coaches Association.

Click here to view the UKHCA Scope of Practice: 


Click here to view the Active Health Group Scope of Practice:

I am insured and my insurance certificate and qualification certificate are available to view if required.

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