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This is not another diet

Get the results and support you are looking for 


Ready for a fresh approach?

Are you a busy woman who wants a simple, effective way to lose weight for good?

Do you wish you could feel comfortable in your own skin again?

Do you feel overwhelmed and exhausted, and wish that you could regain your spark?

Do you find yourself reaching for sweets/crisps/wine when you’re tired, upset or stressed?

Do you long to feel calmer, less irritable, and more in control of life?

Are you always last on your own list of priorities?

I can help you!

My programme is the perfect solution if you want to feel great again, both physically and mentally.

You're not broken.  You're not weak or lazy.  You're human and you deserve to feel at your best.


I will help you to stop overeating and using food to deal with exhaustion and stress.


You will feel full of energy again and be able to enjoy your family life in the way you’ve always wanted.


Your time is precious, and your wellbeing is too.  Together, we will make simple and effective changes, to bring much-needed balance to your life.

How does it work?

I know that you are busy, so I created a programme that will get you great results in a simple way that works with real life. 


No rigid “diet plans” – in order to help you lose the weight permanently, we will create a way of eating that works for your specific circumstances, without the need to count calories or “points”.  After an initial period of re-setting your hormones to optimise weight loss, we will then work together to craft your own bespoke eating plan.


Each month you will receive online content, with simple worksheets to guide you on your weight loss and wellness journey.  You can download and keep these materials – so you can come back to the work whenever you wish, even after your programme has ended.


Great accountability and support from me:

  • weekly 1:1 coaching session via Zoom

  • unlimited written coaching whenever you need it

Healthy Diet

A programme tailored to
suit your needs


  • I don’t have time to cook lots of different meals. Will your programme fit in with my family’s meals?
    Yes, I don’t believe in rigid diet plans so everything we do will be tailored to your unique situation so that it fits in with your everyday life.
  • I have specific dietary requirements (e.g. vegan, coeliac, allergies) – will it be suitable for me?"
    Yes – see above.
  • I have a busy schedule and I’m worried that I won’t have time.  How much time is involved?
    I recommend setting aside about 15 minutes a week to work on the training worksheets/videos, and 15 minutes for our weekly 1:1 Zoom call. However, you can work through the materials at your own pace, as you will have ongoing access to the worksheets and videos after your programme ends.
  • What time are the 1:1 coaching calls?
    I offer a variety of times, including some weekday daytime and evening options (UK time).
  • What makes this different from other weight loss programmes?
    Most other diet and weight loss programmes focus purely on food and exercise, in a calories in/calories out approach. They also tend to rely a lot on willpower…psst…this doesn’t work and just leads to yo-yo dieting! Instead, we will work on mindset coaching and help you to design a way of eating that you will be happy to follow long-term for permanent weight loss. As well as looking at food, we will also help you to bring much-needed balance to your life to improve your overall happiness and wellbeing.
  • How long will I have access to the materials?
    You will be able to download and keep your materials, so you can access these as much as you want even after the programme ends.
  • Do you offer any guarantees?
    I am confident that my programme will deliver great results for you, as long as you commit to participating fully. That's why I am happy to offer a money back guarantee. If, at the end of your programme, you have not lost any weight just email me within two weeks of the end of your programme, sending your completed worksheets and food diary to request a refund.


"Catie is totally non-judgemental.  I love that I can be totally honest and open with her, with no fear of what she might think"

"I felt really listened to for the first time in ages! Catie always gives me space to think and to talk without interruption"

"Because she's been there too, Catie really gets it. Sometimes it's like she's inside my head!"

What next? What's included?

Are you ready to invest in your health and wellbeing?

You’ve had enough of feeling tired, stressed out, and overweight, and you’re ready to dive in and make a change.


I have 2 packages available.

3-Month Package

  • A tailored, simple, sustainable plan that works with real life, with great accountability and 1:1 support

  • Secrets to success, so you can lose weight for the last time:

    • re-balance your hunger hormones​

    • create your own bespoke plan

    • learn to re-programme your brain to reduce cravings, boost your confidence, and your happiness

    • learn to handle life's ups & downs without reaching for food

    • how to feel great now, so you don't have to wait to feel better at goal

  • Weekly 1:1 coaching call via Zoom (12 sessions)

  • Unlimited written coaching by email

  • Monthly materials to guide your journey, so you can implement the strategies in real life 

  • Materials are yours to download & keep

  • Bonus materials:

    • handling holidays/special occasions​

    • adjusting your plan for a plateau

    • planning for common challenges e.g. PMS; varying shift patterns

  • Investment:  £1700

6-Month Package

Includes all the 3-month package, plus:

  • Additional 3 months of weekly 1:1 coaching

  • Additional 3 months of unlimited written coaching 

  • Additional monthly materials, which will set you up beautifully for long term happiness and weight loss success:

    • ditching imposter syndrome

    • drop the perfectionism and guilt

    • deeper dive into changing your mindset

    • create new & more positive beliefs 

    • non-food sources of pleasure

    • how to approach weight maintenance

    • your desires and dreams for the future

  • Bonus materials

    • handling holidays/special occasions​

    • adjusting your plan for a plateau

    • planning for common challenges e.g. PMS; varying shift patterns

  • Bonus gift of a beautifully printed and bound workbook for you to write in, containing all of your worksheets for the programme

  • Investment:  £3000

  • You can opt to do the 3 month programme, then add on the additional 3 months at a total cost of £3400

Not sure?

You might be thinking that this all sounds great, but when will I have time for coaching?  Or maybe you’re thinking it’s not the right time because you have other problems going on for you right now.  Coaching is the perfect way to learn to manage what life throws at you.  Also, the fact that you get long-term access to the programme materials means that you can work through things at a pace that works best for you.  Life generally doesn’t get any simpler, and before you know it time has passed you by and you could still be struggling with the same old issues.




Still not sure?  Got more Questions?

Let’s chat about it and see whether one of my programmes is the right fit for you.

Since I offer a money back guarantee (see FAQ's), it's not in my interests to take on clients who won't benefit from working with me, so rest assured that I won't pressurise you to sign up.


Fancy a chat to see if coaching is for you?

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